December 15, 2009


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Toyota is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan, established in 1934 by Kiichiro Toyoda and has been an industry leader since the 1960’s.

Introducting : Toyota Yaris. A vehicle using a Europe design concept that has already through 3 steps of a good assembling as the new Toyota product.

Toyota Yaris


Substitute : Yaris Green Car

Toyota Yaris which has the market of teenagers, could also be added to campaign Green Car by substitute the original engine into hybrid engine.

Combine : Yaris iPod

After combining with Apple I-Pod, for Yaris and I-Pod lovers, this customize Yaris I-Pod would satisfy their target market of teenagers who love their lovely Toyota Yaris and music at one time.

Adapt : Yaris Off Road

It’s Toyota Yaris adapt to customers who wants to get off road with their lovely Toyota Yaris. This adaptation would add more flexible suspension to the car.

Modify : Yaris Bat Mobile Edition

This innovation is made for Batman fans who also love Toyota car, especially Toyota Yaris. Yaris Bat Mobile Edition modified some of the car’s body to be more aerodynamic, with added more stripes without changing Toyota Yaris’ character.

Put in other use : Yaris Motorbike Edition

It use Toyota Yaris image to bring Toyota’s motorbike to the customer without changing the character design of Toyota Yaris that’s more fit in urban and big cities.

Eliminate : Yaris 2 doors & roof-less

It’s more lifestyle design of Toyota Yaris which eliminate 4 doors into 2 doors and eliminate the roof into roof-less. This would make more style to Toyota Yaris more like classic vintage cars.

Reverse : Yaris reverse door open

It’s more like reversing the door open from back side of the car into front of the car. This would make Yaris look more exclusive and prestigious.


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