December 16, 2009

Animation Studio of all time: Pixar

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It is hard to believe if you live in this century and you don’t know Pixar (unless you’re in remoted planet where there’s no TV, which means it’s impossible you can read this blog -_-“). Led by John Lasseter, the Chief Creative Officer and Steve Jobs (the man behind the most innovative company, Apple), Pixar has brought many masterpieces into the world such as , my fave,  , and .

Pixar has successfully deliver their imagination into the best way ever. It’s overwhelming, entertaining, and teaching in the same time. There are also tons of positive critics and compliment on their movies:

Pixar succeeds again with Ratatouille, a stunningly animated film with fast pacing, memorable characters, and overall good humor.

Even though The Incredibles is more violent than previous Pixar offerings, it still a witty and fun-filled adventure that almost lives up to its name.

Breathtaking animation, talented vocal work, and a well-written screenplay Finding Nemo add up to another Pixar success.

Another masterful work of art from Pixar, Up is an exciting, hilarious, and heartfelt adventure impeccably crafted and told with wit and depth

And not only showered with those awards & compliments, Pixar also showered by fortunes $_$

So, what’s the secret behind it? Well the web says,“You can’t rush art”. I think that’s true. I can see that each details had to through a prudent and passionate process. In the right hand, imagination can be a mind-blowing entertainment, and exactly what you need 😉


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